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Bring on the Balance

Bring on the Balance

Bring on the balance with Power Banding.⁠

Did you know that wearing bracelets on both sides of the body gives you the most energetic benefit from your crystal bracelets?

This is call Power Banding.  Wearing two or more bracelets on different sides not only doubles the energy, but actually take the energy of each bracelet to a whole new level.

If we go back into ancient civilization we will see many Goddesses also wore bracelets or cuffs on each wrist. Such as Greek goddesses like Athena, Hindu goddesses like Saraswati, Egyptian goddesses like Isis, and Buddhist goddesses like Quan Yin.⁠

Since positive energy is all about creating and sustaining balance, the symmetry of bands on each side of the body signifies the harmony within. ⁠

FAQ: What crystals should I wear on my left vs. right?

The simplest way to start Power Banding is to think Yin Yang (light vs. dark, slow vs fast, soft vs. hard, internal vs. external)⁠.

You receive energy through your left side and energy leaves through your right side. ⁠The left side is about internal energy while left is about external energy. So place light on the left and dark on the right.  

If you feel as if you are pulling negative energy from others into your body.  Then flip flop that.  As a light worker, I work to protect my energy each and every day. So some days I need to place a crystal bracelet that is all about grounding and protection on my left to not allow that energy to come into me. I will then balance it out with a lighter crystal bracelet on the other side to spread the light, love and joy.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way.  You need to trust your intuition and understand what feels good in your body, soul and mind.  

Mix+match to manifest multiple intentions at the same time, power banding is one of my favorite ways to wear crystal jewelry and enhance your crystals practice on-the-go.

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