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Wishful Intention Bracelets

It's more than a great accessory. It's a lifestyle.

Wearing a genuine crystal intention bracelet helps you to connect with your dreams, wishes and true potential.

Write It. Roll it. Stash it.

Rise With Ease creates intention-setting jewelry that empowers you to manifest your dreams through healing crystals and mindful manifestation. Our meaningful bracelets help you unlock your highest potential and live each day with purpose.

Each Wishful Intention Bracelet has a brass barrel bead designed to hold your dreams - simply write your wish on paper, roll it up, and stash it inside to wear as a daily reminder to manifest your goals. ✨✨💫

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Story Behind Rise With Ease

In 2018, I took a leap to follow my entrepreneurial dreams, leaving corporate life behind. This transition gave me the freedom to rediscover my creative passions, like my love for jewelry making. I started crafting bracelets with genuine crystals, aware of how their unique vibrations interact with our spirits. That's when the idea struck me - what if I made intention bracelets that could empower people to manifest their dreams?

That's how Rise With Ease was born. Each one-of-a-kind piece helps you set crystal-charged goals. Our signature touch? An embedded secret brass capsule where you can stash a handwritten wish. As you wear your dreams daily, the bracelet's healing energies magnify your intentions through gentle, energizing vibrations. Together, we unlock your highest potential.

Explore our bracelets uniquely attuned to your aspirations - from promoting kindness to living fearlessly. Discover the perfect piece calling your name.