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What Is Your Word 2021?

What Is Your Word 2021?

Believe it or not 2020 is over. Some of us can feel the fresh air that has come with 2021 while others may feel like nothing really has changed.

2020 flew by for me.

I look at my three kids and ask myself, where did the time go?  How do their pants not fit again.  It feels like yesterday I was getting the news of lockdown one and learning to be a educational coach for a kindergartener and third grader.  So when doing it all over again this fall it wasn't such a big deal. Maybe it's the simple more outdoor life we have lived in 2020 that made it feel like it flowed with ease and joy.

For 2020, My words was Joy, Ease, and Confidence.

Danielle LaPorte, the creator of The Desire Map & the creator of core desired feelings, has inspired me to share a quick guide to lead you to one word for 2021.

Just 2-3 words with deep meaning can support us in manifesting our dream, taking action, and understanding our true purpose. Sound good? Let’s dig deeper.

    How To Find Your Core Desire Feelings For 2021

    Now it's time to switch gears and think about the year ahead. Finding your Core Desired Feeling is not difficult, but you might need some time.  I'm not going to lay down all the details, because I really recommend you get the book. Danielle dives deep into them and provides you with all the information you need, as well as some examples. But here are the main takeaways:

    1. Ask yourself “How do I want to feel?”
    2. Write down everything that comes up. 
    3. Consider all of them carefully. Look them up in the dictionary. Are there any that seem similar? Some that maybe don’t feel quite right? Or ones that come from a place of external validation instead of your own heart? 
    4. If one of the words doesn’t feel right but it’s kind of what you want, try a thesaurus to see if there is an alternative that speaks to you.
    5. See if there are any words that fit together. For example, wanting to feel healthy and energized, can have a correlation. Wanting to feel energized because it makes you feel healthy, or the other way around.  
    6. Work with all the words in this way, and keep scratching and merging words.

    At the end of the process, ideally, you’d have 3-4 words that you can use in your everyday life. As I said; write them on your mirror, put them in your wallet or make a background for your phone. Make sure you remind yourself of them often and take them into account for as many decisions as possible. 

    The way we change our lives isn't always by flipping it upside down and changing the big things. More often it's by changing the little things we do every day. And by trying to align those small choices with our Core Desired Feeling as much as we can. Shift begin to happen.

    This year my words are Alignment & Abundance.  And I believe with that Joy, Simplicity, Freedom, and Divine Connection will come.

    If you want to dive deeper in to the practice of finding your Core Desired Feelings I recommend picking up Dannielle LaPorte's Desire Map

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