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A Guide to the 7 Chakras

Rise with Ease_Guide to the Seven Chakras


Struggling to manifest? Feeling a little off? Sometimes we rely so much on our external hustle, that we forget we have an internal energy system designed to support us in attracting everything we want. This system is composed of seven Chakras - each of which play a role in our general well-being and spiritual superpowers.

This post is intended to help you get more in tune with your Chakra system, and will teach you how to heal an overactive or closed Chakra. As you learn and practice, you’ll…

  • Begin to connect more deeply with your intuition
  • Stop blocking everything you’ve been trying to manifest
  • And you can finally step into the full power of yourself.


First, let’s talk about what chakras are.

In a broad sense, they are an energy system that manage and are managed by every aspect of your being. They align with the meridians in your body. There are three major functions they control: physical, psychological, and spiritual. 

From the physical aspect, each of your chakras manage a certain area of your body. They are also connected to your adrenal glands. From a psychological perspective, they manage how we develop our beliefs and feelings, and then from a spiritual perspective they help us manage our psychic ability as well as connecting us to our higher spiritual understanding. You can almost picture every chakra as a mini universe within itself that is ready to shape and be moulded to our reality and support us. 

Why does this matter?

The world that we actively exist in has us creating thoughts and beliefs. Chakras transform our energy, giving us the ability to manifest these thoughts, beliefs and desires. It’s also important to know that within your chakras exist memories. These memories and experiences govern how we feel about ourselves and interact with the world around us.

Your chakras have the knowledge of your souls' journey records within their memory banks. Think of them as mini filing cabinets, filling all your memories, the good, the bad, the beautiful.  You can access all of them. They can bring you to a deeper understanding of your brilliance. When you take the time to study and understand your chakras, and where they may be stuck, do practices to open them up, you are aligning to your true purpose and shaping a better future. 


Chakra Basics

First, it’s important to know that all chakras play an equally important role in managing all aspects of our existence. Each chakra may also become unbalanced by different parts of our lives. Having an imbalance in your chakras just means that you have shifted out of alignment with divine love. Be gentle with yourself in the understanding that we all have this, it’s part of our souls growth, and there are things we can do to bring them back into balance.

When I sit with my clients and I do coaching or reiki sessions I get awareness of the work that gets to be done. I unlock things for my clients, giving them understanding of their chakras, where things might be imbalanced, and I start to move that energy for them, but it doesn’t stop there. Each client can then take it further with their own intentional practices. For instance, if I find that someone is holding back their will or their power to create in this world,  they get to step into their inner strength, and their deep knowing related to their solar plexus and do work with their solar plexus. I may pick up in a session that your third eye is just over active. None of this is a bad thing, it’s a balancing and relaxing exercise. It may just mean that your intuition and creativity are flowing at a rate your body can’t keep up with, and so connecting to your heart centre is the work you get to do. 

Crystals can play a role in connecting and balancing our 7 primary chakras. There are many more across the body, but we are going to focus on the 7 popular ones. When they are unblocked, the energy of the universe can really run freely through you, giving you the ability to live to your fullest potential. I am not saying that when one is blocked, or overactive, or underactive, does this hinder our actions, but it can reduce personal growth or your ability to manifest. 


What are these chakras?


Crown Chakra

  • Color - A violet light
  • Location - Where your spine connects to your skull.

    This is where we connect with our highest consciousness. It is said that few people truly crack open their crown chakra but those who do are blessed with cosmic connection, a divine connection, the universal connection, the spiritual connection. 

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    Crystals associated with the crown chakra:

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    Third Eye Chakra 

  • Color - Indigo
  • Location - just above the middle of the eyebrow

    Where we step into the divine. This is the place where we have the wisdom that resonates. This is the intuition, the eye to the soul.

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    Throat Chakra 

    • Color - sky blue
    • Location - centre of the throat, just below the adam's apple. 

    How we express ourselves and how we share our vocal personal power. It is how we are heard and received. 

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    Crystals associated with the Throat Chakra:

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    Heart Chakra 

    • Color - Emerald Green 
    • Location - Centre of the chest. 

    This is the place where our heart beats. This governs our connection to other people. This is where we give and receive love. 

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    Solar Plexus Chakra 

    • Color - Sunshine Yellow
    • Location - about three finger widths above the belly button.

    This is where we may also refer to as our gut. This is the place that feeds into our feelings of intuition, trust, and self worth. It governs feeling in control of our own lives. 

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    Sacral Chakra 

    • Color - Deep orange
    • Location - three finger widths below the navel. 

    This is the source of creativity and sexual energy. This is where we find our sense of abundance and our chi. 

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    Crystals associated with the Sacral Chakra:

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    Root Chakra 

    • Color - Deep red.
    • Location - base of the spine, tail bone.

    Grounds us and gives us the confidence we need to stand strong and feel safe. 

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    We created the chakra stacks to be not only a reminder of our chakra system but to allow crystal energy to support us as we work with our chakras. There is a stack for each and every chakra.


    Explore them now.

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