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Get Grounded with a Hematite

Get Grounded with a Hematite

Get Grounded with a Hematite Visualization

You know those days where you feel as though everything is going wrong? Think back to the last time that happened. How did you handle it? Do you wish you could’ve handled it differently? What about when you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, or tense? Do you wish you could respond to those difficult situations in a healthier way, rather than resisting or reacting? You’ve come to the right place.

Our new crystal practice to change your state and re-calibrate your energy has become our new go-to crystal practice for those times. You can use this practice each morning to start your day from a calm state, or anytime you find yourself needing to get out of a downward spiral.

This practice is centered around Hematite, one of the most grounding and stabilizing energetic forces there is. This practice features a Hematite mediation with your wearable Hematite bracelet to bring calming energy to help you get out of your head, into your body and rooted into the earth.

For this practice, you will need:

Get Grounded with a Hematite Meditation 

A crystal visualization is a powerful technique to harness the energy of a crystal. This Hematite crystal visualization will help you get grounded, centered, and rooted so you can reach a calmer state of being.

Sit down pretzel legged. Add a pillow or a rolled-up towel or blanket under your tail bone if you need a little more support.

Place your Hematite in the palm of your hands.

Your Hematite Visualization


Start by following the following breath pattern for 7 cycles of breath: Take a deep breath in through the nose, holding it as you feel the grounding energy of hematite fill your lungs, and release that breath back out through the nose, exhaling any negativity.


After you’ve completed your 7 cycles of breath, feel the weight of your Hematite crystals shifting your focus down into your body. First, it starts in your hands, then spreads upward from your hands, as it brings that earthly pull into your arms and then shoulders. 


Feel this grounding energy move into your neck, relaxing every muscle and cell within you, as it slowly draws out your tensions. See all the anxieties, fears, worries, and doubts that spiral around in your mind getting sucked down by the gentle pull of the earth. Feel them sinking from the crown of your head, draining out behind the backs of your eyes, and seeping down past your jaw. 


Feel any tension clogged within your throat being cleansed by this rooted Earth energy. That energy carries into your chest, comforting you with supportive vibrations as you breathe in, and unloading the pressure of any stress as you release out. Feel that earth energy dragging any stubborn negativity out from within your heart and being. The weight of this energy flushes out the darkness within your core, leaving you feeling pure and balanced. 


Notice the nurturing Earth energy shifting into your hips. Feel it grounding you, as it pulls your focus closer and closer to the earth. This energy radiates into your legs, forging a bond with the earth as it continues to move your attention deeper and deeper down your legs. 


See all your negativity moving down past your knees now, getting pulled toward your ankles. Feel the stressful energy that no longer serves you draining out through your heels and dispersing back into the soil of the earth. Feel the energy running through your body and spirit. Your connection with the earth allows it to feed support and balance into your purified space.


Repeat this affirmation aloud:

I am grounded. I am connected. 

I am grounded. I am connected.

I am grounded. I am connected. 


Set your hematite crystals down and rub your hands together.


End with 3 clearing breathes. Take a deep breath in through the nose, holding it for 5 seconds and releasing through the mouth. Releasing any leftover tension and cooling the body.

Stabilize Your Energy By wearing Hematite On Your Body

Hematite is the perfect crystal to wear because its iron content gives us the extra energy that we all need right now to stay grounded. By wearing Hematite and keeping it close to your body throughout the day, the crystals can help you to change our energetic frequency. When you have static energy around you from the crystals, your thoughts and energy field can remain static at a higher frequency. You can plug into the energy source of stones on your body and utilize them to help you recalibrate your energy body whenever you start to slip out of state.

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