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Gift your clients with meaning and inspiration.

Strengthen the bond between your client and your brand by gifting them with a custom DIY bracelet kit. We’ll help you curate a meaningful bracelet with stones that are reflective of your brand values to share with your clients for any occasion.


We make it easy to welcome new clients into your community with a tangible gift - a DIY bracelet kit customized to fit your brand values.

Imagine you’ve just opened a new program, onboarded a new client or wrapped up a big project. Often, during these times, we want to thank our clients by sending them a special gift that will strengthen our relationship and show our gratitude.

But the problem is, so many gifts out there lack meaning. It’s so easy to send a branded notepad or a Starbucks gift card, but these gifts are easily forgotten (and yet, still expensive). With our custom bracelet kits, your client will feel more connected to you, your brand, and to their vision.

How it Works

Book a session with Rise with Ease and we’ll discuss which stones best represent your brand values, and turn it into a beautifully crafted bracelet design. 

Step 1: Meet with Rise with Ease to discuss brand values and which stones best represent your brand.

Step 2: We’ll send you a picture of the final design of the bracelet. After approval, you’ll send us a list of your clients' names and addresses for shipping.

Step 3: We’ll mail the DIY kit directly to your clients.

Step 4: Your client will make their DIY bracelet kit following the instructions we provide, all the while setting intentions in harmony with your brand - no jewelry making skills required!

How it Works

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Share these bracelets with your clients when you want to...

- Show gratitude for your client and their choice to work with you.

- Solidify the bond between you and your client.

- Reinforce your client's relationship with your brand - and increase their loyalty.

Why DIY?

Wondering why we send a kit and not just a bracelet? Sending the DIY kit allows for your client to craft their bracelet with intention. As they string each bead, they can meditate and reflect on the value that the stone represents. When they wear their bracelet, it will serve as a reminder of their dreams, vision and purpose.  This forms a connection to your gift in a way that sending a premade gift just can’t replace. 

Each Kit Includes 

- Genuine natural crystal or wood beads beads that reflect your brand values
- Stretchy cord
- Paper measuring tape
- glue
- Instructions

Don't send you client another meaningless gift - send a DIY kit and stand out in an impactful way to clients who are craving meaning and authenticity.

Creating this unforgettable gift for your clients starting at $32 per bracelet + $75 one-time design fee (with 10 kit minimum). If you are ready to start your simple - yet impactful - client gifting process, book your consultation session with us today.