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4 Crystals to Use in the Spring Equinox

4 Crystals to Use in the Spring Equinox


The Spring Equinox is around the corner! March 20, 2021 to be exact. 

I view Spring Equinox as one of four energetic gateways or portals. It marks a time of balance of light and dark, with a rapid increase in daylight. It is considered the astrological new year to many Astrologers. Common festive themes at this time are emerging out of Winter, the rebirth of nature, fertility, growth and new beginnings.

It's a time to release dormant energies and do the "spring cleaning".  It's not just about your physical space and belonging but also our emotional and behavioral energies as well.

Today I decided to give my office/art studio/zen space a good clean out.  Pulling out everything from the drawers of my multiple antique dressers.  And if you have seen my office it's also where all the beads, crystals, craft items are stored so there was a lot of thing all over.  I was surprised how much was hiding in the dresser drawers and in files in my desk that was just taking up energetic and physical space.  While I was cleaning I lit a candle and did a little sage smudging to clear the air. Ahhh! Now that feels good.

The following 4 crystals make my top Spring Equinox List for 2021

1 | Green Aventurine - Number #1 in best crystals to use in the spring equinox: Green aventurine. Green aventurine is the perfect stone for new growth and manifesting wealth and opportunity. It is helpful for renewing your affirmations and taking up a positive mindset. Green aventurine is also great for rejuvenating you in the Spring equinox, and if your year didn’t start off right, this can be your new year.
2 | Sunstone crystals are relevant during the spring equinox because the sun is directly overhead the equator. This fiery crystal is important for light, energy, warmth, clarity and strength. Bring this stone with you during your meditation and practice mindfulness to feel the benefits.
3 | Moss agate is a crystal for new beginnings, and this is why it’s important for the spring equinox. It’s mostly used as a crystal for nature and gardening. That means it’s great to enjoy its properties while out in nature. Moss agate is perfect for abundance affirmations, for example for wealth and love.
4 | Sodalite is deep blue to indigo with lighter or white veins that always remind me of lightning bolts. This air element stone helps clear old energy and supports you during space clearing. Work with Sodalite if you want to clear your mind. This dark blue stone helps you gain a higher perspective and gives you inspiration when needed.


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