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Intention Setting with Crystals

Intention Setting with Crystals

Setting intentions with your crystals is a powerful exercise that will help you bring more happiness, abundance, and balance into your life. 

Whatever your goals are, they began with an intention and your crystals can be used to help you get on the right path to manifesting the life that you crave and desire. 

Steps to set an intention. 

There is a reason you are called to the crystal you are working with. We are all drawn to different crystals for different reasons. You may be attracted to the color or the energies, or it may be that the intentions align with your dreams, wishes and goals. 

  1. Connect and Cleanse -You can run your bracelet under cold water, use the power of the full moon, smoke or salt. I prefer to use the full moon energy along with smoke. 
  2. Holding your crystal bracelet, clear your mind of any negativity. Meditate with your bracelet or do a simple breathing exercise. 
  3. Choose an intention that aligns with your short and long term goals and that you feel within your heart and soul. Try not to be too specific. When asking the universe for something, focus on the need, rather than the want.You may feel called to say it out loud or repeat it inside your head. Some people like to place their bracelet or crystal on their third eye or between their hands in prayer and they set their intention. Whatever feels good. It’s important for the intention to feel right to you. Don’t overthink it. 
  4. Write the intention down on a sticky note and place your crystal or your bracelet on it when you’re not wearing it. 
  5. Repeat your intention three times to lock it into the crystal. 

Wearing your jewelry is a reaffirmation of your intention. It’s a daily reminder of the intention that you have set. With each intention set, your crystal jewelry will be working with you. 

Certain crystals support you in different ways.

You may feel the need to have it on your bedside table, in your workspace or on your altar in your home. And revisiting your intention everyday is key.

I also invite you to place a second sticky note on the mirror in your bathroom. The power of repeating your intention is as key as wearing the crystal. You may find it helpful to do your three repetitions while you are brushing your teeth, drifting off to sleep, or as you begin your meditation in the morning as you create your routine. 

When dreams wishes and goals change.

Revisiting and resetting your intentions and affirmations is very supportive as you continue to move along your spiritual path.

Creating a monthly intention setting process has been incredibly supportive for me. You can join us win the new moon intention setting workshops that we run every month to revisit and reset your intentions 

Is your intention to become more connected in your career and biz success?

Citrine is a great crystal to work with.

  • stimulates the solar plexus
  • prompts presence and joy
  • soothes any stress around personal finances
  • the crystal of personal power, and helps balance the solar plexus 

You can wear this daily as a support in manifesting these kinds of goals. 

Is your intention to practice self love?

If your intention is to practice self love and invite loving energy into your life, Rose Quartz is a great stone. If you are feeling drained or need a period of self love and self care, this is the crystal for you.

  • works with you in connecting more deeply with your family and partner
  • a warm nurturing stone that can be very supportive to parents when connecting with and nurturing their children
  • connected to the heart chakra which is associated with love, connection, and relationships. These can be the most meaningful part of a human life so a strong, balanced heart chakra is essential to a healthy and strong life.

You can wear the bracelet or wearings as a way to manifest more self love, self care and connection. 


Are you feeling anxious, stressed out or looking to create more peace in your life?

If you are feeling anxious, stressed out or are looking to create more peace in your life, Howlite is the crystal for you. Howlite is a great crystal to facilitate emotional healing when you are feeling anxious or stressed out. It may help you to set intentions before you go to bed to manifest a restful night's sleep. You can wear it during the day or place it under your pillow at night. Howlite sandalwood when combined brings another level of soothing and relaxing energy and our bracelet can be worn during meditation. 

Are you ready to welcome Abundance or New Beginnings?

Try Green Aventurine.  Sometimes you may be unclear what the next goal or direction is for you. Living with intention doesn’t mean you are always clear exactly where you are headed. Sometimes it means being open to whatever wants to come next in your life. This is where Green Aventurine will serve you. It is the stone of luck and new opportunities.  You can charge or set an intention with it with a gratitude practice and then wear it throughout the day to help you stay open to new and exciting things. You can also work with it to attract more joy into your life (set your intentions kit) You can make your own new intentions bracelet by using this kit to create a Green Aventurine bracelet.

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