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Focus | White Jade Intention Bracelet

White Jade Wishful Intention Bracelet: Enhancing Brain Function & Spiritual Awakening

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Step into a realm of clarity and heightened consciousness with our White Jade Wishful Intention Bracelet.

Revered for its unique ability to direct energy in the most constructive manner, White Jade stands as a guardian against distractions, ensuring that you remain focused on achieving the best possible outcomes. Whether you're faced with a challenging decision or seeking deeper insights, this stone aids in gathering the essential information, ensuring you're well-equipped to make informed choices.

But the wonders of White Jade don't stop at decision-making. It's a stone that actively promotes healing, positively programming the mind and brain to achieve heightened brain function. By stimulating brain activity, it encourages the utilization of more of your inherent brainpower, unlocking potential you might not have known existed.

For those venturing into the spiritual realm, White Jade acts as a gentle guide. It ensures that you're not overwhelmed during your spiritual awakening, providing a safe and nurturing environment for growth. Dreamers will find solace in its ability to enhance dreamwork and induce prophetic dreams, raising consciousness in the gentlest of ways. And after a day of exploration and discovery, let White Jade lull you into a peaceful slumber, calming your mind, relaxing your spirit, and easing insomnia. Embrace the multifaceted benefits of the White Jade bracelet and embark on a journey of enlightenment and tranquility.


  • Chakra: Crown & Heart
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Element: Air
  • Features 6mm genuine gemstone beads
  • Hand strung beads
  • Measure your wristbefore ordering
  • Stone colors may vary