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New Moon Workshop | April 8th, 7 pm CST / 8 PM EST

Achieve your greatest potential when you flow with the energy of the new moon.

This April, we are invited to connect with our goddess energy under the Aries moon. Excitement, determination, and challenges await us, all supercharged with feminine energy. We'll connect more deeply than ever with our rising sign goddess, and allow her to guide us to a renewed life force.

Join us for our New Moon Workshop April 8TH, 2021. No one will be turned away for financial harship, so this even is donation-based (suggested donation is $19).

Get Aligned with the New Moon Energy

Moon with Crystals

Learn How to Work with the
New Moon & Associated Crystals

Each new moon brings unique energy that can shift the energy within us and around us. Learn to work with the energy of the moon to get results.

Set an Intention &
Make a Plan of Action

Each month I’ll guide you in setting an intention to help you achieve your goals for the month, one that you can continue to reflect back on.

Manifest the Life
You’ve Been Dreaming Of

By honoring the energy of the new moon and setting an intention that inspires action, you will begin to manifest your deepest desires.

What are We up to in these circles?

Astro Forecast
☽ Meditation
☽ Group Discussion
Intention Setting
Connection and support with life-minded spiritually aligned sisters and brothers
Finish up with group Reiki session

Meet Your Guide, Kat Johnson

Hey. I’m Kat.

I’m all about joy—in your career, in your life, in your home. Whether you’re a mom of three (like me) or child-free, there is something here for you.

But I haven't always been this way. I used to live in the darkness of anxiety and overwhelm. Despite having my dream job, I felt nothing but exhaustion and anger.

I knew I had to make a choice: stay in the darkness, or choose something new. 

I chose to create a life guided by how I wanted to feel each day. This choice launched my life in a direction I never expected. Becoming a seeker for life.

Now I’m a coach, a mind shifter, an energy mover, a crystal lover, a meditator, an artist, a speaker, and a teacher committed to helping fellow seekers connect with their highest self.

Sign-up Now for the New Moon Workshop

- spots are limited!

Come vibe with us and learn about the new moon in Aries. We'll meet on Zoom, Thursday, April 8th at 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST. 

You'll walk away with your intentions planned for the month and a plan of action for manifesting your deepest desires. 

No one will be turned away due to financial distress, the most important thing is that we come together, that is why this even will be donation based (suggested donation is $19).

To keep the experience as intimate as possible, we are limiting the number of seats to 20. 



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