Rise With Ease

Rise in the morning and know that you have your day, your week, and the life you crave and desire.


Hi! I’m Kat

2 years ago, I would get up in the morning fifteen minutes before the kids needed me and jump in the shower so I could be “ready” just before the chaos hit. The kids would blow through in a whirlwind, and once they were out the door, I would be flying to work where I could finally drink my cold cup of coffee.

Now, I get up almost an hour before the kids need anything. I rise without an alarm clock naturally, refreshed, well rested, and excited about the day to come.


That hour contains all the ingredients I need to make magic in my day, every single day.


In those two years, I moved from my corporate job into my own private consulting business and started to grow the love child that is Rise With Ease.

And I can’t wait to share it with you.

The Birth of
Rise with Ease

I want to give this gift to you. I want everyone to be able to rise in the morning and know that they have a day, week, and life that is full of ease.

This program is for you if you feel drained, burnt out, and like you are living on autopilot. You crave balance and feel a deep pull towards something that seems like the opposite of all you have ever been taught to value. I will help you get you what you want by providing dedicated space for reflection, discovery, and focus on your deep inner desires.


Through Rise with Ease Coaching,
you will learn;

  • The secret to increased productivity while doing less.

  • Ease within structure.

  • A sense of creativity and whimsy through a connection to what sparks joy.

  • A morning routine that will ground you and remind you of what your purpose is. It will remind you that every day that it can be easy, and there is always a way, you just have to work for it.

  • An understanding of how everything turns towards the sun every morning. Your morning routine will help you turn towards the light every morning.

  • How to take ownership of your new beginning.

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